its raining.

Monday, December 7, 2009
& it's 1:48am. I have to wake up at 5 but I'm not even tired.

Today I learned.. that I need to start making New Year Resolutions because, I feel like my life is not working for me.

Don't trip though...I'm not suicidal. I'm just having a...what my dad calls it..identity crisis.

identity crisis (noun) : distress and disorientation (especially in adolescence) resulting from conflicting pressures and uncertainty about one's self and one's role in society.

I laugh at that because it is so true.

I am the definition of identity crisis. Moms on my case about growing up and stuff like, " What you gonna do, because I'm not gonna be here for long, & you should've went to Washington to live with your father." I'm pressuring myself, because I don't know what four year school i want to go to, or even what career field to get into.

I wanted to move to New York to live with my grandma, but my mom wasn't gonna let that happen, so I'm stuck with her for the time being.

Oh Well. I know there is something out there for me.

I just want to live a life of purpose.



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